What is COAST?

The UGA Coastal Ocean Analysis and Simulation Team (COAST) develops computational hydrodynamic models to simulate astronomic tides, wind-waves, storm surge, and rainfall-runoff in coastal and oceanic environments. These state-of-the-art models are developed and applied to enhance science-based decision support for federal, regional, and local institutions regarding coastal hazards and risks under present and future conditions. Our research spans multiple disciplines, including science, engineering, mathematics, social science, policy, and ecology.

UGA COAST is focused on solving a wide range of complex coastal issues for present and future conditions. Currently, specific research themes are:

Coastal Resilience

Automated unstructured mesh generation

Real-time hurricane storm surge forecasting

Stakeholder engagement and communication

Compound flood inundation modeling

Coastal morphology and shoreline evolution

Nature-based infrastructure solutions

Where are we?

COAST is housed within the School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural, and Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering. COAST is within the IRIS research lab in the brand new $64 million ISTEM-II Research Complex.