Project Summary: This project aims to develop a coastal roadway vulnerability assessment for coastal Georgia. Georgia does not have an up-to-date coastal road vulnerability dataset, which limits asset management and prioritization of infrastructure improvements. The deliverable of this project will be an inventory of exposed surface transportation road segments and present and future scenarios at which segments are likely to be flooded.

Georgia has over 2,400 miles of roadway and over 300 bridges within the 10 ft elevation contour. I-95 and its arterial connections is a vital surface transportation network that connects coastal communities and provides transportation routes for goods and services along the southeastern U.S. This network is vulnerable to disruption and damage from coastal hazards, including inundation from waves, hurricane storm surges, and sea level rise (SLR). GDOT can proactively prepare the state of the anticipated impacts of coastal surges and SLR on all transportation routes. This work falls into the 2021 Statewide Strategic Transportation Plan under Foundational and Catalytic Investments in rural and emerging metro coastal corridors.


Alex Boland, MS Student