Matthew V. Bilskie

Assistant Professor

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Matthew Bilskie is an Assistant Professor in the School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural, and Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Georgia. Matt holds a BS and MS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Central Florida and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University. Matt’s research interests include hurricane storm surge modeling for present and future conditions, real-time flood inundation forecasting, developing new methods to assess compound floods, communication with decision-makers, and natural- and nature-based feature implementation and assessment.  Matt can be found with his wife and 3-year-old son during his free time, managing his turf grass and garden, grilling and smoking various meats, golfing, swimming, and hiking.

Aditya Gupta


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Aditya is a Research Associate at the University of Georgia as a part of the group “Network for Engineering with Nature (N-EWN)” initiated by UGA’s Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems (IRIS), and USACE’s Engineering with Nature (EWN). Aditya holds a joint PhD in Civil Engineering from IIT Bombay and Monash University (Australia). He has experience in fluid-structure interactions and extreme engineering. His current professional interests include hydrodynamic and morphodynamic modeling of riverine and coastal systems. He loves exploring different countries, their culture and cuisines. He is also a bibliophile and always on the lookout to shop for the new and old books.

Nashid Mumtaz

Ph.D. Student

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Nashid is a Graduate Research Assistant. She holds a BS and an MS degree in Civil Engineering from two different public Engineering universities in Bangladesh. From a very early age, Nashid started carving her dreams of following in her father’s footsteps. His home-schooling with Nashid inspired her to work in the field of Environmental Engineering. After graduation, she worked in Bangladesh’s high-risk disaster-prone coastal areas. She felt a dire need to uplift her skills to gain a better understanding of building resilience in coastal communities, forecasting floods, and learning context-specific engineering techniques to add value to the betterment of people affected by climate-related disasters. Besides studying, Nashid loves to spend time with her family and friends. She enjoys looking after her houseplants and experimenting with new recipes.

Rebecca (Becca) Stanley

MS Student (Co-Advised with Dr. Brock Woodson and the COBIA Lab).

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Becca Stanley is a Graduate Research Assistant, studying natural infrastructure in coastal regions and how it is related to biodiversity, and working towards a Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering. In 2021, Becca graduated from UGA with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. Becca’s primary interests are natural infrastructure, hydrology, environmental remediation, and environmental policy. Becca is either tending to her 50+ houseplants, embroidering, playing with her cats, or hiking when not working or studying.

Robert (Bobby) Fiegelist

MS Student

Bobby is from Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from The University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. His interest in water and its engineering challenges led him to pursue his Master’s degree and become involved in coastal research. Bobby enjoys spending time at the ocean and Great Lakes and looks forward to learning how these regions change and affect us. In his free time, Bobby loves to run, explore the outdoors, and root on his favorite sports teams.

Caraline Miller

MS Student

Caraline graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology. At Tulane, she studied marsh resilience to sea level rise with a focus on the Gulf Coast. This led to an interest in environmental engineering and its connections to ecology, climate change, and environmental justice. Currently, she is studying the effects of various barrier island restoration scenarios on storm surge in the Gulf of Mexico. Caraline grew up near Annapolis, Maryland and in her free time enjoys a good memoir, hiking, baking, and eating what she bakes. 

Ada Chimzulukeme Agbogu

MS Student (Co-Advised with Dr. Brock Woodson and the COBIA Lab).

Ada is from Anambra State in Nigeria and studied at the University of Nigeria, where she acquired her first degree in Civil Engineering. Her undergraduate thesis focused on environmental sustainability and greatly led her to further her education in Environmental Health Engineering (Masters Program). Ada is now at UGA doing her research on Natural Infrastructure Systems and Biodiversity. When not on her desk working, she watches Sit coms, singing, cleaning, or sleeping.

Oscar Villegas Gutierrez

MS Student (Co-Advised with Dr. Mark Risse)

Oscar Villegas is a graduate research assistant with a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from Francisco Jose de Caldas District University in Colombia. Oscar’s background in environmental consulting assessments sparked his interest in coastal engineering and hydrology analysis. His areas of interest are sediment transport analysis, nature-based solutions, and sustainable dredged sediments for natural infrastructure.
Oscar enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, and he is an amateur mountain biker and open water swimmer.

Grant Bilderback

MS Student

Grant Bilderback, a Graduate Research Assistant from Alpharetta, Georgia, graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering in 2022. Grant sustains interests in meteorology, having interned at the National Weather Service in Peachtree City, Georgia, as well as energy and power. Grant first served as an undergraduate research assistant for COAST for the summer of 2021, developing a passion for water and coastal infrastructure. Grant modeled and designed a beach restoration and protection project for his undergraduate senior design project along the coast of Choctaw Beach in Florida. Outside of Coastal Engineering, Grant has passions for snow-skiing, hiking, traveling, and swimming, along with being a “Die-hard” Atlanta Braves and Georgia Dawgs fan.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Sarah Moore, Spring-Summer 2022

Kendall Lippe, Spring-Summer 2022

Hannah Lim, Spring-Summer 2022

Hannah Center, Summer 2022

COAST Alumni

(current affiliation)

Sheppard Medlin, MS Student, 2020-2022

Dr. Felix Santiago-Collazo, Research Scientist, 2021-2022 (Assistant Professor, University of Georgia)

Dr. Viyaktha Hithaishi Hewageegana, Post-Doc, 2021 (Post-Doc, University of Florida)

Roshen Jegajeevan, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Spring 2021

Gretchen Hinger, Clarke Central High School, High School Researcher – Young Dawgs, Fall 2021